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We currently have ready-made libraries for sale, they are very weatherproof for the Irish climate, and made to the highest standard of workmanship.

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Why Join?

The Free Wee Library a free community book sharing scheme for adults and children. Promoting literacy and the love of reading through community book exchanging.  Buncrana Donegal


Why join the Free Wee Library Project?



There are many reasons to join the Free Wee Library movement here's a few:

As an Educational resource

  • promoting literacy and a love of reading by providing free books in the community
  • Waste Reduction - Reduce, Reuse and Recyle books in the community
  • Create a positive community by working together on a project
  • Instill a sense of civic pride in your town/city/area
  • Add a beneficial resource to enhance and complement public spaces
  • Encourages people to spend more time outdoors, reading and exercising to use the facility
  • Tourism resource, offers a free amenity to visitors to the area
  • Benefits of reading for positive mental health, education and general well being.
  • Free resource for all, reducing book costs for citizens whilst promoting a sense of connectedness and a more sharing society.
  • Become part of a unique Irish nationwide initiative and link with other parts of the county in an online community network.
  • Share your book choices with your community

Educational benefits

As part of the Free Wee Library Schools Project

  • Educational benefits -promote literacy, oral language, free reading resource for students and staff
  • Encourage children to choose for themselves, share their own book choices with book swapping/donating.
  • Promotes friendships, reading groups and book clubs.
  • Students take ownership of book choices by sharing their books with their peers
  • Whole school resource to enhance language, creativity and creative writing.
  • Outdoor location encourages students to exercise and spend time outdoors reading
  • Encourages reading for pleasure
  • Resource to support Paired Reading Programmes, Readathons and Literacy Initiatives
  • Benefits of reading for positive mental health for students
  • Become part of a unique Irish nationwide schools network, directly supporting us in providing libraries for communities in Ireland
  • Waste reduction initiative for Green Schools Programmes (reusing books already in circulation)
  • Create a caring sharing community in the school.
  • Posititive addition to the school encouraging staff, students and parents to read and share more.



All the libraries are made in Inishowen Co.Donegal by skilled craftspeople.  Library locations are mapped on our locations page, creating an online community network.  If you would like a library for your business or community go to our contact page.  We provide outdoor and indoor wee libraries for sitting in communities, businesses, health care settings and schools.